Research & Development

Research & Development

Our advanced Research and Development centre give us the competitive edge to meet emerging challenges and ensure that the Company always stays on the path of innovation. Dinkar Seeds combines dedicated customer service with world-class research facilities to develop and deliver high quality seeds that add value to the farmer's business. Farmer-focused research and development is central to our work.


  • To enable a farmer towards growth and prosperity.
  • Quality Seeds is our motto.
  • ISO 9000-2015 certified.

Working in R & D

We employ our researchers in many different areas. Every role is different – but our research teams are united by one thing: a dedication to help farmers and consumers.

There are not many jobs where your day-to-day work could directly lead to an outcome that product that will improve the lives of others. At Dinkar Seeds, that is our aim and it means there’s a real sense of purpose in R&D. We innovate and apply the latest knowledge and thinking to our work.

We focus on the best methods and generate clear plans to find out if those methods can lead to new innovations. Our people are given opportunities to learn by taking on new projects, jobs or experiences and working with experts in their fields.